MPAS Solution I MPAS (Multi-Path Aggregation Solution)

MPAS solution based on MPTCP proxy technology is that it aggregates two paths for LTE and WiFi, and so data can be downloaded at the combined rates of LTE and WiFi. So, for example, if LTE supports 300Mbps and WiFi supports 866Mbps, theoretically maximum download speeds can be 1.17Gbps.
What’s even better is that even in case of WiFi congestion in WiFi hot spots, users can still be served uninterruptedly through LTE. Operators are happy because they can provide affordable, differentiated high speed download service, attracting new customers and reaffirming existing customers’ loyalty.
MPAS can allow operators to maximize the utilization of network resources in their LTE and WiFi networks, thereby making the networks more efficient. In addition, thanks to its explicit redirect feature (off-path model), operators can use not only their own WiFi APs, but those provided by other ISPs, like home AP, enterprise AP, municipal AP, etc., as well. This gives the operators a huge advantage of being able to provide LTE and WiFi aggregation service at minimum cost.

• MPTCP proxy agent (inter-working with MPTCP proxy in MP-GW)
• MPAS Android application + MPTCP Linux kernel
• LTE/WiFi traffic aggregation
• Policy download from MP-Manager
• LTE/WiFi handover
MP-GW (Multipath
• MPTCP proxy
• Protocol relay (MPTCP-to-TCP)
• Path/session monitoring
• Redundancy (Active/Active, Load sharing of failed MP-GW)
• Load balancing over multiple MP-GWs
• Rack mountable, 1U size
• 16 Gbps performance, 20K active sessions
• Four 10GE Interfaces
• MP-GW management
    - MP-GW Configuration
    - MP-GW status/statistics monitoring
• Provide service policies for UEs
    - MP-GW list provisioning
    - MP-GW load-balancing
    - White list for service application
• Monitoring MP-GW session statistics

MPAS-M Solution I MPAS-M (Multi-Path Aggregation Solution - Mobile)

MPAS-M can promptly transmit data from the devices, which are connected to MPAS-M via Ethernet port or WiFi, as long as it is connected to 3G/LTE wireless network.
The MPAS-M can easily connect to wireless data network by simply attaching 3G/LTE dongle to its USB port.
At most 4 3G/LTE dongles can be attached to the MPAS-M, and MPAS-M can aggregate 2 or more links from the attached 3G/LTE dongles to provide high speed data communication for the user.
Moreover, since the links of 2 or more dongles are used, the stable connection can be provided even when 1 dongle’s link is unstable.
Due to above characteristics, the MPAS-M can be the solution for important data communication such as emergency broadcasting or live streaming between an ambulance and a hospital.

MPAS-M (Multi-Path Aggregation Solution - Mobile) Features



  • • Connection toward Mobile Network
        - 3G/LTE Dongle, 3G/LTE Phone
        - 4 USB Ports for 3G/LTE Dongle
        - Supports maximum of 100Mbps
    • Connection toward Devices
        - Interfaces for Devices: 100Base-T/802.11n WiFi
        - Web based Monitoring UI
        - Supports NAT / DHCP


  • • Up to 4 MPAS-M can be connected
    • Interface: GbE 1000Base-T
    • Link Aggregation Data Processing
    • Supports Proxy
    • Ubuntu 14.04 OS, 3.18 Kernel Version

Home Gateway IPS Solution I SDN based Home Gateway IPS Solution

Software-Defined Networking (SDN) is an emerging architecture that is dynamic, manageable, cost-effective, and adaptable, making it ideal for the high-bandwidth, dynamic nature of today's applications. This architecture decouples the network control and forwarding functions enabling the network control to become directly programmable and the underlying infrastructure to be abstracted for applications and network services. The OpenFlow protocol is a foundational element for building SDN solutions.
Netvision SDN Home Gateway supports SDN based network-wide IPS (Detection + Prevention + Blocking), and is composed of SDN Controller, Security Policy Manager, Access Control Manager, IDS Engine, RG Manager, Home Gateway.



  • • SDN Home Gateway     - 802.11/n/ac AP
        - Openflow Switch Agent
    • Residential Gateway Manager
        - Security Policy Manager
        - Access Control Manager
    • IDS System
        - OF Security Gateway Manager
        - OF Security Gateway Agent
    • RG Simulator
    - Home Gateway AP Emulator


  • • No. of AP Control Management: 1,000
    • Controller Processing Performance: 512,644 transactions/sec
    • N/W Traffic Attack Detection
        - 64bytes (20,000 rules): 100%
        - 128bytes (more than): 100%
    • Distributed IDS Failover: 1.37sec
    • Mass Attack Analysis Performance
        - Detection: 1,000/sec
        - Detection Response: 1,000/1.6sec

Mobile Router Solution (Since 2006)



  • • Project Period: 2006 ~ 2008
    • Partner: KT
  • • Target
        - Develop Mobile Router with Network Mobility
        - Bandwidth combining with 3G and Mobile WiMax

    Developed Functions

  • • Dual-Stack Network Mobility
    • Multi-Homing
    • Load sharing over multi-path
    • Multi-Path Bandwidth Aggregation
  • • Network mobility protocol
    • Multi homing over HSDPA & Mobile WiMax
    • HSDPA, WiMax, Wireline aggregation
        - Layer 2 aggregation
    • Scheduling algorithm over multi-link

    Developed Functions

FTTx Solutions (Since 2004)

Long Reach FTTH (Fiber To The Home)

Data Center Distribution Network

Security Solutions (Since 2011)